Indian Muslims safer than those in Pakistan, Syria: JK BJP

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SRINAGAR: Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday lashed out at Kashmir’s deputy grand Mufti Nasir ul Islam for allegedly demanding a separate country for Muslims of India, saying India is a secular country where people of all religions irrespective of their cast, creed and colour have equal right to freedom and nobody interferes in one another’s religious affairs.
Some Delhi-based media recently quoted Mufti as demanding a separate nation for Muslims after the BJP rejected All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s (AIMPLB) proposal for opening Shariat courts in all districts of the country.
“Any resistance to this effort by the BJP means it doesn’t want Muslims to stay in India. In that case, we urge them to give us a separate nation,” Times Now News quoted Mufti Nasirul Islam as having said.
Reacting to Mufti’s alleged remarks, BJP J&K spokesperson Altaf Thakur in a statement issued here said, “India is not like Pakistan where Muslims feel insecure and where every day blasts and explosions take place inside the religious places including mosques. India is also not like Syria where massacres of Muslims are taking place and the lives of Muslims have become hell. India is a country where people of all faiths enjoy equal rights, freedom of speech and freedom of religion without any pressure from any quarter.”
He said in India, 30 crore Muslims live in a very peaceful atmosphere and in the judiciary, everybody is treated equally.
“The Muslims comprise the important segment of India – a successful secular country – where people of all faiths and religions live in a free atmosphere, without any threat and fear,” he said.
“The deputy grand Mufti being a sensible person shouldn’t talk in air and things that are aimed at triggering communal frenzy,” Thakur said.
“There is no need to set up separate Shariah courts in a country like India where Muslims or for that matter people of other religions have no major complaints,” he said.