Fazlul Haseeb interacts with civil services aspirants

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Srinagar: Fazlul Haseeb, who got the 36th rank in the UPSC this year, during an interactive session with civil services aspirants said that the students from Kashmir have generally higher IQ and given good mentors and timely guidance, the number of IAS qualifiers can increase many times over from the current number.
Haseeb was speaking at a day-long seminar at S N Das college, Iqbal Park wherein various civil services aspirants from all parts of valley participated.
Haseeb stressed on the need to maintain consistency and dedication to crack the prestigious exam. “Our students have generally higher IQ, good General Knowledge and good communication skills. The only thing lacking is timely guidance. We usually start preparing late and end up as losers,” he said.
“If we have good mentors and start preparing intelligently in time, there is no doubt many more students will crack the examination,” he added.
Haseeb detailed his journey how he cracked the examination and what were his strong points and weaknesses. He recommended number of tips that gives a student a head start in their preparation for the examination. He said that consistency remains the key of the hard-work and without it the goal cannot be achieved.
Haseeb said that the big mistake students make during interviews is that they either generalise the answer or judge it. “The students should remember that the interviewers are experts and they know everything. So don’t fall in trap, study every aspect of any issue so that you can judiciously and expertly give answer without judging or generalising,” he said.
He advises students not to get disheartened in case they face failure in their first or second attempt. He said that failure should act as a motivation for working harder.
Haseeb also answered the question of students who sought help in choosing subjects, scheduling day work or career plans.