Dr Masoodi delivers lecture at Baramulla college

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‘Count your blessings; there is much to be happy about’

Baramulla: Dr Ibrahim Masoodi, Professor in gastroenterology at Taif University, Saudi Arabia, on Monday delivered a lecture at Government Degree College Baramulla.
In his lecture, organised as part of the college’s Teacher Enrichment Programme, Dr Masoodi spoke about the need to be contended in life for being healthy and productive.
“Count your blessings,” he told the gathering comprised of the college’s faculty and students.
“A teacher shall be healthy in all ways possible to be able to become a role model for his students. We need to avoid stress and be healthy to ensure quality life.”
Explaining the importance of fitness, Dr Masoodi, who has previously worked at SK Institute of Medical Sciences and PGI, Chandigarh, said, “Obesity is a major problem that leads to a vicious circle affecting health. Check the circumference of your belt.”
He said conditions like fatty liver and hypertension have become major issues world over.
“They need to be nib in the bud. We need to keep inspecting our health by way of regular checkups,” he said. “Often times, we in Kashmir detect ailments when it is too late.”
In developing regions such as Kashmir, people do not enjoy their lives, causing themselves multiple problems, he said.
“Stress is the root-cause of many problems. We need to learn to relax, and praying is a good way of doing it.”
The principal of the college, Prof F R Beigh, expressed his gratitude to Dr Masoodi for visiting the college.
“These lectures are organised for all of us to gain from the experiences of the speakers. I am sure we all have will have our takeaways from this session,” he said