Paradox of Life

Paradox of Life
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Kashmir has become and morphed into a place where tragedy jostles and even coexists with joy. As the wedding season has commenced in Kashmir and people celebrate blissful unions, the other facet is that some people mourn their dead. Only over the weekend, three people lost their lives. While this, among other things, reflects the general precariousness of life and uncertainty thereof in Kashmir, the prosaic fact is that larger realities determine these aspects of life in the region. These aspects need not be fundamental in the sense of holding Kashmir in their vise like grip but are and should be amenable to resolution. From a larger macro perspective, Kashmir and the issue(s) thereof accrue from the nature of the region’s history. And, as the cliché , in general terms ,that history casts its shadow on life, goes, the same might hold true for Kashmir. But, having said this, it need not and must not mean that this is taken as a truism that is determinative of life. History is not static; it is happening now and will continue to happen.

Prudence lies in attempting to influence its course.( Of course, there is a transhistorical dimension to it, but this need not detain us here). The course of history can be somewhat influence by wisdom and sagacity plus a robust determination. While the concept and idea of history is abstract, but is focus and gravamen is people(s). That is, people are the subjects, objects and makers of history. (Yes, there is a metaphysical dimension to life in this world but this does not mean that people, while holding faith in the Almighty, do not try). The sites of action then have to be people and their welfare, political, economic, social and so on. This axiomatically means that there is s special obligation upon powers that be to ameliorate conditions for people and , in terms of Kashmir, this means working on the larger realities that obtain here. There are micro dimensions and corollaries to this but these do not detract from the possibility of working for larger salubrious ends. The paradoxical conditions of life where, to repeat , tragedy coexists with joy, must be changed to more normal ones. In micro terms, this would mean and entail instituting paradigms and working thereby on all issue areas which ultimately redound to the benefit of all and altering the larger realities that have the region and the larger macro regions in thrall.

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