GMC Srinagar invites outside experts to conduct seven live operations at renal disease workshop

GMC Srinagar invites outside experts to conduct seven live operations at renal disease workshop
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Over 500 attendees discuss challenges, advances and best practices

SRINAGAR: In an exciting event for medical professionals involved in kidney stone treatment, seven live operative surgeries of Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy (PCNL) and Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS) were performed for the first time at Srinagar’s Government Medical College (GMC).
Urologists, surgeons, students and faculty witnessed the live relay from the operation theatres of the Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) Hospital, where the invited operating faculty from Chandigarh, Dr Anshumaan Kapoor, performed live surgery of PCNL and RIRS.
PCNL is the preferred technique for treating larger stones (of over 2 cm in diameter) located within the kidney. It involves keyhole surgery performed through a 1 cm incision in the skin. RIRS is performed inside the kidney, without making any cuts, by sending the instrument for the procedure into the kidney through the urethra.
On the occasion, eminent surgeons and subject experts spoke on various topics under the theme.
Prof Mufti Mahmood, Head of Urology and of Surgical Unit 3 at the Srinagar GMC, told Kashmir Reader that the GMC is now calling in national experts to demonstrate their skills in their own style. “It is a learning process for everybody, whether they are seniors, juniors or students. It is just to make them aware what are the new technologies that are being practiced outside.”
He added: “We are having a new batch of PG students who will become surgeons in future. Those who are surgeons need to go for super specialization, we want to built a passion among them through these types of live workshop as they decide what they have to choose. They are not exposed to these things, but once they are, then their minds are open and they can decide whether they want to take it or not.”
The participants discussed the challenges they faced during the surgery. “This is very beneficial for us. We are able to discuss the current situation, challenges and advancements relating to the management of renal stone diseases,” said Dr. Mudasir Habib, General Surgeon in SMHS Hospital
He went on to say that experts shared their experiences and the best practices of their work related to renal stones. They also tell about advances in operative Endourological techniques, “which is very useful for us”, he said.
“During the surgery, Dr. Kapoor gave suggestions on how to practice such techniques with precision and safety,” Habib further added.
The GMC authorities are keen to promote these newer technologies in their own institution for patient care.
“Young surgeons’ skills are refined when they see the way experts do these types of surgery,” said Dr. Tariq Ahmad, a surgeon. “We are performing this type of surgery but we too need to learn. Sometimes we face complications and we are not able to tell the patients but in this workshop we discuss those kinds of issues and learn new methods.”
Over 500 delegates attended the live operative workshop in the GMC and emerged highly appreciative. A group of PG students of GMC told Kashmir Reader, “If we were to go outside to see this, how much money and time we would have had to spend! This is a service at our own door step, bringing us information on how to do these types of surgery.”
“Patients would earlier have to go outside for these types of surgery, but now with advancements in technology, these surgeries are taking place in Srinagar hospitals too,” they added.