SSB drops meritorious candidates from list of Urdu teacher posts

SSB drops meritorious candidates from list of Urdu teacher posts
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SRINAGAR: Due to its own negligence, the J&K Services Selection Board (JKSSB) has dropped meritorious candidates in the recently released merit list of Urdu teachers’ posts by depriving them of five crucial points of their Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) degree, aggrieved candidates alleged.
While they have been awarded five points for Master of Education, scores of aggrieved candidates told Kashmir Reader that the JKSSB, ironically, has not added the crucial 5 points for their B. Ed degree, which has pushed them out of the merit list.
The merit list for the Urdu teachers’ posts, the written test for which was held on April 28, was issued by the JKSSB on Tuesday.
The JKSSB not awarding candidates the crucial five points of B. Ed is despite the candidates having shown the details of their B. Ed degrees earlier, during the online submission of their forms.
“At the time of online form submission, there was no option for B. Ed. The proforma asked for details only of the M. Ed degree. However, they updated the system, after which I submitted the details of my B. Ed degree. But now in the merit list which the JKSSB issued recently, I have been again deprived of the five points for the same degree,” complained Shabir Ahmad, an aggrieved candidate from Baramulla.
Shabir, who, as per him, technically stands at the “2nd or 3rd position” in his district’s RBA quota if he is awarded the five B. Ed points, ironically sees himself being out of the selection list at present.
“I stand at the 9th position in RBA category for Baramulla district, but there are only five posts for this category. (Despite being higher on merit,) I am out presently,” he lamented.
The JKSSB’s negligence has Shabir worry even more as he has applied for general teacher posts as well and fears the same problem in the merit list when it is notified by the board.
“Now I will have the same problem for that as well. Which board will entertain the fact that I have done M. Ed without B. Ed?” asked a resentful Shabir.
Given the relatively higher saturation of candidates in the general stream, Shabir said, “I am not sure whether I will figure in the merit list or not.
“Technically I am in the selection list. Now whether it is a technical or a human error, it has to be rectified,” he added.
Shabir expressed surprise as to how the board neglected to award the candidates the B. Ed points.
“Don’t they know that M. Ed is done only after completing the B. Ed degree?” he asked.
Asking the aggrieved students to file their representations, the JKSSB has told them, “The board will have a meeting and see what to do with this.”
An aggrieved student, however, feared, “It seems difficult as the merit list is already out.”
Tariq Ahmad Rather, another aggrieved candidate from Pulwama district, has been virtually dropped from the merit list by the JKSSB in a similar fashion to Shabir.
“Depriving me of the five points for B. Ed, I figure at Serial Number 9 in RBA, but there are just four seats in the category. Otherwise I stand at the 2nd position in the RBA category,” Rather lamented.
Shabir and Tariq are not the only two candidates dropped from the merit list as scores of more candidates have been deprived of the five B. Ed points by the JKSSB.
Now that the candidates have filed their representations with the board, outgoing JKSSB Chairman Simrandeep Singh, who has been transferred recently, said that the future course of action will be “as per procedure”.
Secretary JKSSB Ghulam Hasan Sheikh could not be contacted for comments as he had switched off his phone.