Parents preparing for Haj, son abducted and tortured and thrown dead on the road

Parents preparing for Haj, son abducted and tortured and thrown dead on the road
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Vehil (Shopian): Constable Javid Ahmad Dar was 25 years old. His corpse was found lying on the main road at Pariwan village in Kulgam district on Friday morning. There were eight bullets marks on his body, besides several marks of torture, a neighbour told Kashmir Reader.
In front of his elder brother Imran, Javid was abducted on Thursday evening by four gunmen near a medical shop 50 meters away from his house. He was having a chat with friends there, Imran said.
“I tried to save him but they pushed me away. One among the gunmen smashed with his gun the electricity lamp that was hanging outside the medical shop,” Imran said.
Imran added that the gunmen even snatched the mobile phones of four persons who were present at the spot, before taking away his brother in a car. “I rushed home and told my parents. Then I fell unconscious,” Imran said with moist eyes. “It was dark everywhere so we couldn’t search him. Later, a joint team of army and police conducted searches in the area but found no trace of Javid.”
Imran said that when we saw his brother’s body, blood was still oozing out of it. “He was tortured for the entire night and was shot at about 4 to 5am,” Imran said. “Minutes before his abduction, he was telling me to buy fungicide, which we were to spray in our orchards the next day.”
Javid had got the constable’s job after he was selected during a recruitment drive held in Shopian in the year 2013. At that time he was an undergraduate student at Government Degree College Shopian.
Javid’s parents were busy preparing for Haj and planning to move into their newly-built house this Saturday. “What bad luck I have! I had completed all formalities to go for Haj but the sky fell of a sudden on me. They snatched everything of mine by killing my young son,” lamented Abdul Hameed Dar, a resident of Vehil village in Shopian district.
Muhammad Sultan, a resident of Vehil village, said, “There are almost 10 persons working in the police department from this village but no one was warned or harassed by anyone, ever.”
When this reporter reached the slain policeman’s home, at least four women were holding his mother and sister, who were crying and beating their chests.
Family members told Kashmir Reader that Javid came home at 4pm on Thursday to see the preparations of his parents for Haj and for moving into the new house. Family members described Javid as sober, helpful, and having good relations with everyone. “He spent the whole month of Ramazan at home. I told him several times to not come home frequently as the situation is not good, but he often replied that he was honest and upright and there was no need to worry,” his father said.
About two-thousand people attended Javid’s funeral prayers, eyewitnesses said. They said that the body of Javid was lowered into the earth at about 9:30am, amid sobs and cries.
Earlier, at 7 in the morning, a wreath-laying ceremony for Javid was held at District Police Lines Shopian where senior police officers including Senior Superintendent of Police Shopian Sandeep Choudhary led the officers in paying tributes to the mortal remains of the slain constable.
A police statement regarding the killing of Javid Ahmad Dar, son of Abdul Hamid Dar, Belt No 844/Gbl, resident of Vehil, reads that he was killed by militants and his body was found at Pariwan area in neighbouring Kulgam district. The statement added that Javid was one of the personal security officers of a former Superintendent of Police.
Relatives said that Javid had left behind at home his parents, elder brother, and a younger sister. Two of his sisters are married.
A police officer said that within an hour of Javid’s abduction, some photographs surfaced on social media showing him naked and apparently beaten up.
Vehil and adjacent localities observed a shutdown on Friday against the killing. All shops and schools remained shut in the area.