A Total Rejigg is Needed

A Total Rejigg is Needed
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Under various schemes integrated with information technology, government schools in Jammu and Kashmir have to regularly submit various data online to the Education department. But, in the absence of computers at most of the schools, the administration and teachers face immense problems in recording, transferring, updating and submitting the data. This is a jarring disconnect between the schools and the education department. The question is why is this happening? The answer may lie in bad planning and execution. That is, once a stipulation is ordered, it remains on paper, often times without adequate infrastructure and facilities in place. It would appear that the premise and aim of this particular stipulation is to streamline and make more efficient and effective the nature and functioning of the education process, so that real time( or otherwise) data is available to the education department. But, the fact that the requisite infrastructure and facilities are not available defeats its purpose and rationale. The sufferers are, as usual, the supposed beneficiaries of the idea, that is, students. All in all, the education system in Kashmir is in shambles from almost every conceivable angle. Mere tinkering of the system , at the margins, will neither suffice nor is it enough. Kashmir’s educational system and standards then need drastic improvement. This means and entails a wholesale revamp of the system, right from the primary to the tertiary aspects of it. In this day and age, education has become more critical than ever before. The global knowledge economy demands and puts a premium on highly skilled and educated youth where lifelong learning is becoming the norm. Against this backdrop, our students perhaps only figure at the lower rung of the ladder, so to speak. Moreover, there is the aspect of over education here. There has to be a sense and standard of proportion along with effectiveness and efficiency in Kashmir, as elsewhere. All this can be achieved if and only if the education system, pedagogical methods , delivery of education and curriculum are entirely rejigged and reoriented towards the needs and demands of the knowledge economy. Being a public good, education and its delivery is an imperative. And, given demographic trends overlaid by an aspirational society, it is essential that the nature of education be transformed and aligned with contemporary needs and demands. If, however, more of the same happens and continues, then it would constitute a travesty. Let the needful then be done at the soonest!

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