Renovation efforts make playground in Budgam village unusable

Renovation efforts make playground in Budgam village unusable
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BUDGAM: A major playfield in Trapy village of central Kashmir’s Budgam district is in pathetic condition due to the unfinished renovation work and due to undue interference by some vested interests.
According to the Local sorts enthusiast of the area
“But a few months back, the authorities started renovation work on the ground under the Chief Minister’s commitment. The work was given to some party workers of the then ruling PDP,” they said.
They added that the contractors were supposed to bring soil and fill a corner which was in pathetic condition, but instead they dug up the upper surface of the ground and removed the soil to fill holes in other parts.
“Since then, no sports activity has been carried out in the field.”
“This all was done to save money with the consent of the officials. The said approach of the contractors created more kinds of potholes and rough surface in the field,” alleged cricket player Shabir Ahmad Malik.
Previously, the Trapy playfield was a charming place for cricket enthusiasts, who come from different places and playes here.
Over a period of six months now, the number of youths who are still interested in playing on such rough terrain is reducing, as most of them have stopped coming here for sporting activities from fear of incurring injuries.
Some youths stopped playing on this ground after incurring injuries that could have been prevented were the field in better condition.
Being the only ground in the community, one would expect it to be in good shape since it does benefit the youths of the vast area of Budgam and Baramulla.
“Of course, there was an attempt by the authorities to renovate the ground; however, it leaves a lot to be desired. The renovation did not work as per people’s expectation since instead of filling the side of the fields, they dug up the playfield at most places to extract the soil and created more potholes and bumpy structures,” said Imtiyaz Nabi, another cricket player.
“There is need for collective effort among all the stakeholders in order for the ground to be renovated. I do believe that with the inclusion of all the stakeholders, tangible solutions can be generated. If the ground can be renovated, the lost glory of the area can be brought back since more teams would be created to be competing in different leagues,” Imtiyaz added.
Meanwhile, Block Development Officer, Khag, Hilal Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that he has communicated the locals’ complaints to the concerned Junior Engineer.
“Let the reports come, and I will tell you the present conditions of the ground,” he said, adding, “I assure you that if there would be some loopholes from our side, we will try to overcome them in short period”.