PDP: A Sinking Ship

PDP: A Sinking Ship
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Fida Hussain Sodagar

“Rats abandon a sinking ship” is a well known proverb. The Analogy aptly describes the situation of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP). The party which was nurtured by its founder Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has come to a point where it is finding it difficult to survive. The disgruntlement among its leaders has brought the party on the brink of severe disintegration. It has been labeled as a dynasty ruling party by its own legislators.

The PDP’s self destruction process started back in 2014 when the party decided to romance with BJP. The people who voted for them felt deceived when it developed a relationship with BJP. The alliance sowed the seeds of annihilation and confrontation for the party. The bear hug between Mufti Sayeed and Narendra Modi proved as a disaster for Mehbooba Mufti. The South Pole and North Pole drama created by the PDP back lashed brutally. A severe discontent and restlessness inside the party developed fatal cracks inside it. The accumulation of anger among its leaders flourished and the signs of revolt by its senior leaders appeared from time to time. Ultimately,   the withdrawing of support by BJP proved as a catalyst that led to the eruption of  the lava of anger among the legislators that threatened the roots of the party. The whole episode triggered a wave of rebellion by its own leaders.

Mehbooba Mufti had  an opportunity on many occasions to prove the credibility of her party. But she preferred to stick to her chair. She was a mute spectator to the blood bath in the Kashmir valley. The agenda of alliance proved as a tool of deceit which was never implemented. The PDP bowed down before BJP to remain in power. The knot between PDP and BJP met with a brutal ending. The withdrawing of support from BJP came as a storm which uprooted the chair of Mehbooba Mufti. The BJP got the opportunity to project it as sacrifice of the power for national security but the PDP was ruined.

The government is dead and so is the PDP. The party legislators have openly revolted against it and a spate of serious allegations has been leveled on PDP leaders by them.  The senior leaders spilled the beans and exposed the wrong doings by the party to the highest level and termed it as a fiefdom of few relatives and close associates. The credibility of PDP has been shattered. It is a sinking ship which is held by a thread of a bunch of family members. People are running out of the sinking ship. No party is ready to alliance with PDP as they see it as an act of self obliteration. The idiom of the so called “dreams of Mufti Sahab” boasted by her daughter became the nightmares for her party.

 The author holds a  P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on various issues. He can be reached at:  f.hussain01234@gmail.com