Broken father wants peace to get a chance

Broken father wants peace to get a chance
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‘Juveniles given capital punishment without courts’

Pampore: Sitting at his home in Gosainad Ladhoo village of Pampore, Dr Abdul Gani Poswal, who has recently shouldered the coffin of young son, Faizan Ahmad, has no hopes of justice, as he says, killing of youth in Kashmir has become a routine.
“It was a target fire. The forces could chase away the protesters near encounter sites by firing warning shots but they fire to kill. My son had also been targeted. It was a clear case of target fire,” Dr Gani told Kashmir Reader.
Faizan was killed by government forces during clashes that erupted in Pulwama town on June 29 near a gunfight site.
Dr Gani, a doctor at Pulwama hospital, was on duty when his son was “brought dead” to the hospital. He had received three bullets in his chest and abdomen that had damaged his heart as well.
Dr Gani said Kashmir has been put on a path of genocide where not a day passes without a father shouldering body of his son to graveyard.
Gani said that stone pelting in Kashmir “has a reason behind it” the reason, which “pulled my son to face the bullet”.
“I and my wife (a teacher) have an income of about 2 lakh rupees a month, but Home Minister would say he had been given Rs 500 for pelting stones,” Dr Gani said.
Faizan, according to Dr Gani, was born in the same hospital, where he was declared dead, on 29 April 2002.
He appealed the Government of India to let the people of Kashmir live as they have a right to life and “armed people have no right to snatch it from them”.
“Thousands of innocent people have become the victims of conflict,” he said. “Juveniles are given capital punishment in Kashmir without taking them to courts. “But in other parts, the age of rapists who has failed thrice in class 10th exam is examined by the courts,” he said, adding that the bloodshed must end and the people across the border must be given a chance to have peace.