After 11 months Police exhumes body of woman in Charar

After 11 months Police exhumes body of woman in Charar
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Junaid dar

Charar-I-Sharief: Police on Wednesday exhumed the dead body of a woman after eleven months of her death from Branpathri area of Charar-I-Sharief on Wednesday on court directions.
The exhumed body was identified as Kulsum daughter of Khurshid Ahmad a resident of Branpathri who had died earlier and was claimed natural death by her family.
According to the informed sources Kulsum’s death was declared natural but after the 15 days of her death police was informed denoting felony in her death and police started inquiry to reveal the cause of the death.
According to the police official, the person who had filed the case is anonymous and has not revealed his identity to the public. Case has been filed on the certain suspicions and it has been also found that the case was not preceded by then SHO due to unknown reasons although court order was already with the police.
“We don’t know the reason of the death but following the court orders we exhumed the body. it is not perfect time to talk about the case as the case is under investigation,” a Police official told Kashmir Reader, “it is our duty to follow the court orders and we respect it without any compromise and any disclosure at this stage will compromise the investigation process”.
The autopsy report of the body will be received after some time and the cause of the death will be determined.
However police have started a fresh investigation in the case to take this case to the conclusion. However no fresh arrest has been made by the police.
According to the Police sources, Villagers and the family members of the Kulsum tried to stop the police from exhuming the body initially, and allowed it later.
“Her family was not ready to take out her body from the grave for the autopsy after 11 months but police along with the team of doctors somehow convinced the family for the legal action,” Witnesses said.
“All the details will be gathered and Autopsy reports will be collected to investigate it,” Police official Wishing not be named told Kashmir Reader.