Those spreading sectarianism helping enemies: Mushtaq-ul-Islam

Those spreading sectarianism helping enemies: Mushtaq-ul-Islam
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SRINAGAR: Chairman Muslim League Jammu Kashmir Mushtaq-ul-Islam on Wednesday slammed those spreading sectarianism, saying they are promoting their sinister designs to create differences, disharmony and hatred among various sections of the society.
According to statement, Mushtaq-ul-Islam addressed youth at several places in Budgam and Srinagar and decried the misuse of social media and hate speeches of a few “so-called” religious preachers.
“Those promoting sectarian thought are not doing any good to Islam or Muslim society. Those dividing Muslim Ummah on the lines of Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, Hanbali, Salafi, Deobandi, Jamaat etc schools of thought are helping none but the enemies,” he said.
He hailed the statements of religious organisations about the sectarian differences, saying “we hope all religious clerics will adhere to directives of their respective organisations and will shun their aggressive and offensive approach while delivering religious sermons”.
The Muslim League chairman while addressing the youth said, “The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is our ideal and while pursuing our mission, we should follow the commandments of Almighty Allah and build a strong relationship that can help us to achieve the cherished goal in this life and hereafter.”
“As Muslims, our faith requires that our love for Allah and His Prophet supersedes any other type of love for any other object or creation,” he said.
He said grace, faith and mutual sympathy are foundations of Islam and laid his stress for service to suffering humanity. He asked youth to devote themselves to the service of humans.
“The youth need to realise their responsibilities and should spread the message of Islam, love, passion to other communities and human societies. The world is in search of peace, brotherhood and love,” he said.
“People from all over the world visit our state and we should reach to them and apprise them about the ongoing freedom struggle. We are obliged to reach to them with authentic literature on Islam,” he added.
Talking about the Kashmir dispute, Mushtaq-ul-Islam said the issue poses a threat to world peace and asked New Delhi to “accept the ground reality”.
“India needs to shun its stubborn attitude and accept the ground reality. No power on earth can retain subjugated nations merely on military might,” Mushtaq-ul-Islam said in a statement.
“History stands testimony to the fact that the struggle of nations can never be suppressed. The occupied forces should read writing on the wall that they can never force us to submission,” he said.