US woman knocks Srinagar court against Kashmiri ‘husband’

US woman knocks Srinagar court against Kashmiri ‘husband’
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Srinagar: A US woman has accused a Kashmiri man of duping her of money and valuable items after marrying her in Kuwait.
The woman, Gwendolyn Poole, in her complaint with a Srinagar court alleged that she left her job in US to travel to Kuwait to marry Feroz Ahmad Ganai a resident of Chattabal Srinagar in 2012.
The two had come in contact on Facebook. Some time after their marriage “at State of Kuwait Ministry of Justice legal authentication Department”, Feroz allegedly took money from Poole and left for India with a promise to bring her home as his wife.
Soon after he reached India, Poole alleged, he started ignoring her messages due to which she developed depression.
For coming to Kashmir, Poole said she sold her house in US as she had no money to travel.
She went to police but didn’t get help, she tried to contact the family members of her husband (accused) but they either refused to meet or advised her to leave forget the marriage, Poole said in her complaint.
The court of Ist Additional Munsif Srinagar recorded Poole and her witness’ statement on Tuesday.

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  1. Gwendolyn Poole   July 6, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    His name is Feroz Ahamad Ganie and we have a nikka. You have misspelled his name. He was to shift to Delhi while waiting for his US visa to process. Several family members have said, “leave this matter and move on with your life,” and they’ve made no attempt to rectify this matter whatsoever. His parents have flatly refused to discuss and meet me. He will lie and say anything to continue to run from his crimes.