Princeton holds special counselling session for students

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SRINAGAR: To promote merit-based approach for seeking admissions in foreign universities, Princeton Review, a preparation-cum-consultancy service, in collaboration with the Private Schools Association J&K (PSAJK) on Monday held a special session for students at Tagore Hall here.
Global career counselors, Abhishek Gupta, Salman Salim and Mehboob Makhdoomi interacted with the students at the session and briefed them on various programmes offered at top global universities.
Syed Owais, a counselor at the consultancy’s Srinagar office said the consultancy, which has opened a branch at Rajbagh Srinagar, would raise the awareness about programmes offered at foreign universities.
He said that they would be offering classroom as well as online courses at the Srinagar office where they would prepare students for various tests needed to seek admissions in foreign universities.
Makhdoomi, who himself has an MBA from Pennsylvania University, USA and a research degree from Cardiff University, UK was the special guest on the occasion.
“It is not as hard as we think to get admissions in global universities especially the ones of the Ivy League,” he said.
“What we are lacking is the knowledge of how to get there. We have to get rid of this myth (of being confined to mainland India),” Makhdoomi said.
Although students in the valley play national and international in sports, Makhdoomi said, “but when it comes to academics, we stop at national”.
“We crack MBBS or IAS and remain at the national level and stop there and think that this is the end of the world. Besides Ivy League universities, there are other universities where students can enrol themselves. That is where I do not see people of J&K,” he added.
He said that a “herd mentality” had prevailed upon most of the students in the valley.
“You need to know what your personality is and what your dreams are. You have to dream big and aim at it. That is my message today. Go international. I do not see you there,” he said.
He impressed upon the students to prepare for various aptitude tests including SAT, linguistic tests including TOEFL, GRE and G-MAT in order to seek admissions in the foreign universities.
“For top universities, you need to have the Statement of Purpose (SOP),” he said.
He asked the private institutions in the valley to prepare students early and to cash them young.
Speaking on the occasion, Chairman PSAJK, G N Var said that they will aware the students on global admissions.
“That is why we promoted them and supported them. We sponsored them for the interest of the students,” Var added.
“We have cross checked this group. They are young entrepreneurs and they have an established career,” he said.
He said that the consultancies, which worked so far in the valley “looted people of their money”.
“They open for a particular season and wind up for the rest of the year…there is such a mushroom growth of these consultancies,” claimed Var.
“They want our talented students to get a global exposure and to make them know how to get selected on merit and to prove their mettle at the international level,” Var said.
He said that they had told the consultancy that “we would not be into business with you, but we will help you on awareness.”
“They will just facilitate the students’ admissions to the foreign universities. They can provide coaching to students, but they are identified people. It is not like people would not get to see their face”.