Newborn left to die in thorny bushes, rescued by people

Newborn left to die in thorny bushes, rescued by people
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BUDGAM: In a shocking incident, a tiny tot was left to die in thorny bushes within minutes of being born in Khag township of Budgam district – but was rescued just in time by a passer-by.
Eyewitnesses said that this happened on Wednesday at about 6pm when a shopkeeper went to relieve himself in the nearby bushes.
Locals said that the shopkeeper heard a noise and thought it was a cat mewing. But when he got on his hands and knees, he sensed that the sound could be of a baby crying from within the thorny bushes.
“When I went close to the bushes, I found a newborn with its umbilical cord still attached, wrapped in polythene,” the shopkeeper told Kashmir Reader.
He added it was a very moving scene and he could not look away. He called his colleagues, who came quickly, he said, and they rescued the baby.
“In the meantime, we also called the police for help,” he added.
He said that the police came to the spot soon and took the baby to police station for quick treatment.
Shabir Ahmad, a local who introduced himself as a shopkeeper, said, “Whosoever has done this has surely invited the wrath of Allah on himself.”
“I am probably hearing it for the first time that a baby has been abandoned and left to die. How low have we stooped morally?” he said.
A police official said that a local shopkeeper while urinating in the bushes saw this baby and called the police for help.
“Our men acted promptly and rescued the baby and brought her to the police station,” he said. “For one or two days the baby was kept here at the police station, where his care was taken of. After that, the child care team from Budgam were informed and the baby was handed over to them.”
Police said a case has been registered with FIR no 40/2018, u/s 317 RPC in this regard.
“The child’s blood sample has been taken to investigate the matter,” the police official said. “It looked like that she was a few hours old, because the umbilical cord was still attached and the body was still hot.”
“We have sent the sample for analysis and are waiting for the reports,” he said. “Once the reports will come, investigation would be carried on fast-track basis.”
“This is a condemnable and shameful act,” he added.
Earlier in March, the picture of a newborn lying on a wet muddy road in Srinagar went viral on social media.
The photo of the lifeless baby was said to be taken near a washroom in Srinagar’s downtown area near Gunj Baksh Public Park, Nowhatta.
The body was found with blood oozing out of it and eyewitnesses said that it had even been dragged by dogs.