How the Natural Beauty and Attractiveness of Kashmir has been Despoiled

How the Natural Beauty and Attractiveness of Kashmir has been Despoiled
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By Zahid Rashid
Kashmir has been called the “Paradise on Earth” by renowned personalities. God has accorded all sorts of beauties and charms to the Kashmir and has gifted Kashmir with all the amazing varieties of destinations. The weather conditions in Kashmir are pleasant and salubrious
The best thing about the weather in Kashmir is that it reflects chill and adaptable conditions in summer when it is burning sunshine and heats in other places of the world. But now a days, we are witnessing  vulnerability and eradication of tourism which can be attributed to many reasons.
The Indian media has played a shameful and unfortunate role towards Kashmir in terms of tourism. They have spewed venom and hatred about Kashmir by displaying anguished and horrible scenes which discouraged tourists to travel and visit Kashmir. The media then is complicit in the financial and other losses of tourism sector of Kashmir. Their antagonism and falsehoods made Kashmir to look very similar to hell rather than the Paradise on Earth. Every day, every hour their services are harming and ransacking the name of Kashmir. They are always found to be engaged in displaying hard times, closures, rough scenes in Kashmir.
The media should instead have acted like flowers to attract pollinators from different locations of earth. They should provide nectar to the beauty of Kashmir.
This is not to deny that Kashmir is defined by disputed. India and Pakistan have failed to solve the dispute for the long period now. They are engaged in accusing conflictual  stands and so on. They failed to give a healing touch to the wounded soil which is yelling, screaming and wailing.
All is not to be blamed on the conflict and extraneous factors.  The next version has been stochastic but very effective. The colonization of nearby tourist destination lands has been in the limelight since long, but never ever been dealt with in a satisfying manner. People are building and constructing illegal constructions in government lands. They are not step behind to spoil these God gifted destinations. And, they are loath to and lax toward social, ecological and physical issues. The administration non Government organisations should firmly enter into the picture and deal with innumerable issues that maraud the natural beauty of Kashmir.
Similarly, the use of polythene and other non biodegradable envelopes at an alarming rate is a big concern. People throw their plastic bags and other things left, right and centre thereby leaving no stone unturned to wreck the land (it is  poisonous for aquatic life). This dimension could be brought into control by collective efforts of public and the administration. All in all then, collective efforts that involve all stakeholders must be undertaken to redeem what God has gifted us with. The allied benefit of this would be, along with other efforts, revival of tourist flows to Kashmir.
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