On Political Prisoners

On Political Prisoners
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Scores of political prisoners continue languish in jails in many jails across India. Jail terms, to state the obvious, are neither salubrious nor sanguine for anyone. This becomes more poignant and salient especially when political prisoners are shifted out and away from their homes. Besides the obvious stress, there are logistical issues involved here as well. The families of the incarcerated political prisoners find it extremely difficult to visit their near and dear ones in jails. Besides these logistical issues, there are emotional issues which add to the overall taxing burden. In lieu of all this and other related reasons, prudence suggests that these political prisoners from Kashmir be released. In the final analysis, jailing of even small terms can throw the life of an individual out of kilter and the psychological, emotional and even physical consequences are only deleterious and negative whose impact might even be lifelong. A jailed person, for instance, can be traumatized for life with the impacts panning out either in less or more obvious ways. In the same vein, those jailed at a younger age can be debilitated economically, financially and career wise. Life, overall and generally, becomes tough for those jailed. In terms of the emotional and social costs, these is, to repeat, the distance and logistical issues, that lead to loss of emotional succor, on account of distance and obvious issues from loved, near and dear ones. Often times, those who are jailed, are then unemployable as few or hardly any employer is willing to even look at them. The intensity of this condition is heighted by the fact that jail terms, shuts away political prisoners away from normal functioning of society and economic life. This renders their life and work skills rather redundant and hence impairs their functionality. What all this adds up to is that there are debilitating, functional, social, economic, and career costs that prolonged incarceration entails and implies. There are other less obvious costs for an individual too. In sum then, extended incarceration is insalubrious and imprudent for a whole host of reasons, both in general terms and with reference to Kashmiri political prisoners. It then becomes incumbent, especially on humanitarian grounds, for powers that be to ameliorate the burden of incarceration of Kashmiri political prisoners and therefore release them. The sooner this is done the better. In all issues, it is humanity and humanitarianism that should be elevated to a pedestal.

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