CUK drops candidates after qualifying entrance exams

CUK drops candidates after qualifying entrance exams
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Says undergrad results pending; candidates ask for provisional admission

SRINAGAR: The Central University of Kashmir (CUK) has dropped some candidates including entrance examination toppers at the last stage leaving the aspirants aghast.
The candidates said that they were even invited for the Group Discussion stage after qualifying written test but shown the door at last moment citing pending results of undergraduate examinations.
The candidates alleged that the varsity has accommodated some candidates with low ranks, while dropping the toppers.
The Varsity authorities however said that the candidates had been provisionally allowed to appear in entrance examinations as the results of their 5th and 6th semesters were pending. However, as the results, and in some cases, examinations are still pending, the varsity said the candidates had to be dropped.
The aggrieved candidates currently appearing in the undergraduate examinations for clubbed 5th and 6th semesters at the Kashmir University, question the move, asking how they were allowed to sit in the entrance examinations in the first place, and are seeking provisional admissions.
“Our forms were accepted even after we made it clear that the results of our last two semesters were pending. Even after inviting us to appear for the Group Discussions over phone, they showed us the door saying that we had not completed our degree,” an aggrieved student who has secured 8th position in the entrance test (written) of Convergent Journalism alleged.
As the CUK had kept a window for the students despite pending undergrad semesters, the students were expecting that they would be provisionally admitted till the semesters are cleared.
“But, we were segregated from the rest of the students in the GD,” Yasir Rather who claimed to have secured 30th position in the entrance test said.
“They could have told us at the onset that our forms would not be accepted, but they invited us to the GD. Even as we told them that our 5th and 6th semester results are pending, the varsity officials assured us that it will be taken care of,” another aggrieved student said.
“Why did they allow us to appear in the entrance test if we were not eligible? Worse, why did they invite us to the GD even after we kept saying that our results were pending?” asked the student.
The students demanded that they be considered for the respective positions so that their academic year is not wasted.
“Let them select us provisionally till the results of our pending semesters are declared. We are ready to give an undertaking for that,” Haseeb, an aggrieved student said.
While the dropped candidates include some toppers in the merit list, an aggrieved student alleged that low ranked candidates have been elevated by the varsity.
“A candidate with a rank as low as 89 has also been selected,” he claimed.
Vice Chancellor CUK, Prof Meraj-ud-Din Mir said that there had been an “understanding” between the varsity and the students that “the results must have been declared” at the time of GD.
“It was decided that they would be eligible for the entrance test but final selection would take place only if their results are complete in every respect on the day of counseling,” Prof Mir said.
“There is no certainty when the examination would be conducted,” he added.
As the aggrieved students are currently registered either with the Kashmir University or the Cluster University, Prof Mir said that expediting declaring their results “falls under the domain of other universities”. On students claiming that they were invited by the varsity officials for the GD despite knowing that their results were pending, Prof Mir remarked, “Let the officials take care of it if they have assured them”.
However, acknowledging the plight of the students, Mir said, “It is heavy on my heart, believe me. I discussed it with my colleagues. I got a number of e-mails from the students who have appeared and have topped and I have something different in my mind. (But) That will depend once their results are out. I cannot make any commitment”.
“Legally, they are out. As they could not complete the formalities on the due date, obviously the next will get a chance,” he added.