FMD outbreak in Ganderbal, authorities in slumber

FMD outbreak in Ganderbal, authorities in slumber
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Gund: A highly contagious viral disease, Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) has affected many villages of Gund Tehsil in Ganderbal.
Residents of Sumbal, Fraw, Haknar, Rayil, Kullan, Rezan and Gaganigar villages appealed government to take immediate action, as the disease was killing dozens of animals every day.
The villagers said that due to the disease they have lost large number of cows, and complained that the Animal Husbandry department has failed to curb the disease.
The disease is characterized by high fever, weight loss, abortions, death of newborn animals and drastic decrease in milk production.
”We took animals to government veterinary hospital and vaccines were provided to them but their situation is worsening. They are not eating properly and have a foul smell,” said a local farmer Nazir Ahmad
Even after vaccination many cattle have died, said another farmer Mushtaq Ahmad.
Supervisor of the area Dr Shahzad Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that they have already carried vaccination and awareness programme in all the areas and formulated special task forces teams for tackling the problem.
All the medicines and veterinarians would be made available, he said.