Come forward for safeguarding of human values in Kashmir: Jama’at to Indian community after civilian killings

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Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday expressed deep anguish over the ongoing killing spree in the valley
Jama’at demands an international probe into these violations by the forces, ask the saner section of the Indian community to come forward for the safeguard and protection of the human values and democratic norms and raise a strong voice against the atrocities upon the hapless people in Kashmir and get this bloodshed of innocent people stopped.
In a statement, chief spokespersonZahid Alisaid, “During the recent two encounters three civilian youths namely Mohammad Yousuf Rather of NowshehraSrigufwara, ShahidNazir of SirhamaBijbehara and Yawar Rahman of Gasipora Islamabad were mercilessly shot dead without any justification in order to suppress the genuine voice of the oppressed Kashmiris by creating an atmosphere of terror.”
“The killing of innocent people is a blatant violation of all the human rights. The indiscriminate firing of bullets and pellets upon the peaceful protesters resulting in these deaths and causing grievous injuries to a number of youth out of which some are struggling for their lives in the SKIMS Soura, is the misuse and abuse of the military power which is done under the shade of some draconian laws like AFSPA,” Ali said.
He said that these laws give immunity from prosecution to these forces and “as such work as a license to commit any violation of the fundamental human rights in the valley and in this undemocratic and uncivilized process thousands of innocent persons have been killed and critically injured so far”.
“Apart from this, a section of the people is intimidated and even subjected to the worst mental and physical torture on the mere suspicion of having any affiliation or relationship with those who are wanted to these forces which is a clear violation of the civilised laws and the international covenants as it is the universally accepted principle that no one can be targeted for the fault of others even if closely related,” Ali said.
He added that India claiming to be the largest democracy of the world should follow this principle in letter and spirit to upkeep its democratic and constitutional norms.
Jama’at also extends its solidarity with the bereaved families and wishes a speedy recovery of all those injured.