Road damaged in 2014 floods yet to be repaired

Road damaged in 2014 floods yet to be repaired
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Commuters facing tough time

Shopian: The residents of Nagbal, Digam and Badrihama villages of Shopian are aghast against the authorities for neglecting the road stretch which connects the villages with district headquarter.
Villagers said that the road running along the Rambiara rivulet was damaged in 2014 floods but has not been repaired till date.
Nazir Ahmad, a villager said, that road has developed potholes and has turned bumpy, due to which transporters refuse to ply vehicles.
Farooq Ahmad Lone, another villager, said that they knocked the doors of several high rung officials but their repeated pleas go unheard.
“Even the auto rickshaws refuse to ply on this road and we are often forced to carry goods on our backs from the police lines,” Muhammad Rajab, another elderly inhabitant said.
Villagers accuse authorities for neglecting the area which is just three kilometers from the district headquarter.
They said the school children are forced to walk more than three kilometers after crossing a muddy path.
A famous Hindu temple at Nagbal village is visited by thousands of devotees at an annual festival, but despite that, the residents said, the area has been neglected.
Executive Engineer Roads and Buildings, Shopian, Zahoor Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that he will look into “provision” for repairing the road”.
“Actually the funds for repairing roads which got damaged with floods are pending and it become a reason for stopping work on other roads damaged in floods,” Ahmad said.