The PDP BJP Alliance: An Anatomy of a “Break UP”

The PDP BJP Alliance: An Anatomy of a “Break UP”
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By Javeid Hassan Malik

Finally , the inevitable has happened: the PDP has been divorced by its partner BJP. For many, it was a legitimate end to an illegitimate beginning and the bonhomie of two parties which started with a bear hug between Modi and Mufti at 7 race course after two months long hectic negotiations and lobbying done conducted by Haseeb Drabu in the corridors of power of New Delhi and Ram Madhav in Jammu. The undiluted joy of the BJP could be gauged from the fact that its incumbent PM itself turned up for the oath taking ceremony of Mufti and his cabinet at General Zorawar Singh auditorium in Jammu.
Mufti went on to say on record, this bonhomie was only possible after a serious battle of nerves between the two parties and was virtually equivalent to the North pole and South pole coming together and that this coalition government would work under the slogan of Sabka Sath Sabka Vishwash with the main thrust on relief, rehabilitation and restoration of peace in valley as Kashmir was recovering from floods which had left it devastated.
For the BJP, it was a win win situation as they wanted to make inroads in valley politics; they wanted to create a niche in land that couldn’t furnish them one seat and it was only possible if the BJP was in government
Many political commentators cautioned PDP against this partnership by terming it as an unholy and unnatural alliance. And, many politicians had to face public wrath from workers after joining hands with RSS backed BJP as memories of Ayodhya and Gujarat massacre were still afresh in people’s minds, but they didn’t pay heed to it.
Call it a blessing in disguise: the PDP got the second chance to paint its image clean by repenting and reversing its past mistakes after the death of party patron and founder Mufti Sayeed after his brief illness at AIIMS but again they felt in same trap of agenda of alliance with BJP and scion of Mufti justified second innings of alliance under the guise of Mufti’s dream which couldn’t be interpreted yet.
Some analysts believe it was not the fault of PDP as they say in politics there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies; it is only interests which matter and BJP kept on satisfying its interests by fiddling with sensitive constitutional laws which provide special identity to Kashmir and PDP kept on losing its image by compromising on these talks. In a tenure of nearly three and half years two parties have hardly been on the same page and Kathua rape case and unilateral ceasefire extensions debacle proved to be last nail in the coffin of the unholy alliance.
The final Report card of PDP only shows agonies and miseries of poor and innocent people of Kashmir that they had to bear. Many people believe that the biggest casualty of this unholy alliance is PDP as the party was same one which ended the monopoly of NC in Kashmir. The PDP was acting as interlocutor between two giants Pakistan and India in shadows. The party’s soft approach towards the Hurriyat and its track two diplomacy has just been stamped in pages of history with no addition.
After the alliance, the PDP lost its ideology which is the biggest loss for them and it’s going to cost them heavy in coming elections. South Kashmir, which was bastion of the PDP few years back has been turned into hot bed of militancy; the extent of this can be gauged from the fact that by elections for Anantnag constituency are getting postponed with no hope of ever happening in future.
The BJP they had nothing to lose; for them PDP was just like use and throw. The party tried its best to make inroads in Kashmir but failed to do so but it has not lost its image in Jammu where they are back to square one and will again be back in the region’s politics after elections are held.

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