Notes on the Disintegration of the Alliance between PDP and the BJP

Notes on the Disintegration of the Alliance between PDP and the BJP
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By Fida Hussain Sodagar

The knot between PDP and BJP got untied and ended rather brutally. It was a shocker for PDP. The romance between the two parties had bloomed after 2014 Assembly elections delivered a fracture mandate. They had tied a knot of partnership with a Common Minimum Programme (CMP). The two political parties with enormous gap of ideologies narrowed the gaps to match each other’s tastes. That time the PDP has boosted itself as the only party which could block the entry of the BJP in the valley. One of the reasons of high voter turnout in Kashmir was that the people of valley wanted to clip the wings of BJP to prevent it from protruding into the valley. So, the people voted mostly in favour of PDP.
Deceit begets deceit. The way PDP deceived the people, the party met with even more painful deception. The South Pole and North Pole drama woven by the PDP back lashed. The alliance which was created under the garb of betterment of the people shattered the credibility of PDP as a party of people. The bear hug between Mufti Sayeed and Narendra Modi turned to be a tragedy for the PDP.
The alliance was based on a document called the “Agenda Of Alliance” that included the Self-Rule proposal (softening of borders), revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from peaceful areas, strengthening of Article 370 among other demands. But, from the day one BJP took control over the politics of Jammu and Kashmir. The domination of BJP over the PDP sowed the seeds of confrontation. The coalition underwent an aggressive evolution with BJP becoming the controlling authority. All the conditions set up by the PDP were thrown in the dust bin by its alliance partner. The signs of the divorce had emerged from time to time. But, the partnership was operating on the edge of a thread ready to annihilate. There was a severe internal disgruntlement among the PDP and there was never a moment of oneness between the coalition partners: the PDP had to bow down before the BJP on every front.
The unholy alliance stretched and strained to the highest level. The ceasefire proved the final nail in the coffin. But, the way the break up was executed by the BJP brought the PDP including the Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti in a state of deep shock. In a press conference, after her party was divorced by BJP, she tried to repeat the same old rhetoric of bashing the Indian Government for its muscular policy in Kashmir. But , she had lost credibility at least for now. To regain the trust of people will be a herculean task for her. The “dreams” of Mufti Sayeed became unmitigated disasters for Mehbooba.

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