Kashmiricts, Muslims come together for art exhibition

Kashmiricts, Muslims come together for art exhibition
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Arif Rashid

Srinagar: A seven day art exhibition organised by Kashmir Art Quest on Sundayconcluded here at historic Silk Factory Solina.
About 60 artists from the valley came under one roof for the exhibition to showcase their art work.
After 66 years, Kashmiri artists from all over Jammu and Kashmir came together for the first time in an art exhibition with the motive to bridge the communities, the organisers said.
“ The main of the art exhibition was to bring together some of the most important Kashmiri Pandit artists who left the valley during the turmoil of 1990s or those who had left earlier to pursue arts but couldn’t return.. Each artist has presented an artwork specifically for this exhibition and were invited to Srinagar to show their work alongside the works of their contemporaries and emerging artists based in Kashmir,” organisers said.
The event has the historical significance due to its creative and cultural value and it also aims to promote the idea of peace, harmony, togetherness, and dialogue through the art medium, they added. Meanwhile, visitors thronged the exhibition in large numbers and termed the event as best ever in the field of art in Kashmir.
Mujtaba Rizvi, Managing Director, Kashmir Art Quest and said they have been organising art exhibitions every year from the nine years and this year they wanted to do something different than others.
“There is a long disconnect between the young artists from the valley and senior artists who have never visited Kashmir. So we want to narrow down the gap and bring them together,” Rizvi said
He further said the talent among the youth here is extraordinary but lack of platform, infrastructure, and economy pushes them to the wall. “The event is kind of a launching pad for the younger generation,” he added
“These kind of art exhibitions should happen on a monthly basis where all the artists can show their talent and can learn such things from the different artists of the Kashmir” said one of the girl artists from Jammu.