‘Would see how intensified anti-militancy operations unfold’

‘Would see how intensified anti-militancy operations unfold’
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Post breakup BJP PDP wondering what next

SRINAGAR: Now suddenly devoid of their seat in government, state BJP leaders are doing no more than “biding their time” till the results of “intensified” anti-militancy operations are out. Their counterparts in the PDP, on their part, are hoping that a spell of Governor’s Rule would make people of Kashmir long once again for their own elected representatives, giving the PDP another chance at redemption.
According to BJP insiders, the party has been told by the high command to adopt a “wait and watch policy”. This entails suspension of any form of engagement with other political parties.
“The aim of imposing governor’s rule was to intensify anti-militancy operations. We are watching how it will be beneficial, and then, accordingly, take the call,” a senior state leader of the BJP told Kashmir Reader on condition of anonymity.
The state assembly has been put under suspended animation by Governor NN Vohra. It was not what former chief minister and leader of opposition Omar Abdullah had asked for, who wanted immediate dissolution of the assembly and fresh elections. The state BJP leader said that the decision whether to dissolve the assembly or keep it under suspended animation would be taken by the Governor, under whose rule, the BJP leader said, normalcy will return to Kashmir Valley.
Another state BJP leader said, “There was always a difference of opinion between the PDP and us on anti-militancy operations. They wanted a soft approach, which was adopted, many times, but it never worked. We wanted to respond more bluntly. Now, there will no negotiations over any anti-militancy move.”
The leader said that the PDP’s policy of giving amnesty to offenders, encourage surrender of militants, etc, had not gained any ground towards normalcy.
“We still have militant attacks, young people joining militant ranks. A journalist and an army man were killed in a brutal manner. If an intensified approach had been adopted earlier, many such attacks could have been prevented. We want militancy to end, normalcy to return,” the BJP leader said.
One of PDP’s leaders told Kashmir Reader that the party would first observe the response on ground to the operations against militants.
“We will see how recurrent stone-pelting in rural areas will be now. The break has given us space to think. Take my word: people will realise what we had been negotiating for them,” the PDP leader said.
Since the break-up of the government, one encounter has taken place in militant hotbed Tral in south Kashmir. A house was blown up soon after contact was established with militants. Earlier, government forces would first seek surrender, and only then go for the attack.
The PDP leader added that the killing of senior journalist Shujaat Bhukari and of the army man were the latest examples cited by the BJP to argue for the need to intensify action against militants.