Municipal survey seeking Aadhar details annoys Charar residents

Municipal survey seeking Aadhar details annoys Charar residents
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Charar-i-Sharief: Residents of Charar-i-Sharief alleged Thursday that the local municipal authorities were conducting household survey in the town and seeking Aadhar details without any formal order.
Residents accused municipal authorities of “breaching” privacy of the residents by seeking aadhaar details from them.
They said the survey seems to be conducted on the lines of army.
“They were asking for the name of family members, age ,male female ratio and Aadhar details which made it more suspicious,” Mohd Akbar, a local resident told Kashmir Reader.
Blaming municipal authorities for conducting the “unnecessary survey” locals were seen anxious over the move during a time of political uncertainty in the valley.
“Everyone knows the present situation of Kashmir, how small things can turn into big disaster, sharing Aadhaar details in present circumstances means to publicize your personal details in the market,” Jehangir Ali, a journalist who hails from the town said.
“There is no provision to share Aadhaar details with everyone, only if you are seeking for any service like SIM card and bank details then only you need to share the details,” he added.
The residents demanded that authorities should not make people uncomfortable by asking such details “which invoke fear among them” and sought halt on the survey.
“We don’t know the purpose of this survey and there are so many agencies working in the state, even this can be a politically motivated survey to cater the political gains of any party,” Jehangir said.
According to Aadhar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016 no one can collect the Aadhar information of a person without the consent of an individual.
Executive Officer Municipal Committee Charar-i-Sharief G M Shah admitted that the department was conducting a “pilot survey for the 2021 census”.
“It was just a preparation for the 2021 survey and there was no intention to breach the privacy of the people,” Shah said. “On receiving several calls from the residents I called my survey team back and directed them not to ask for Adhaar details.”