Different Uncertainties at Different Horizons

Different Uncertainties at Different Horizons
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Lant Pritchett, a Harvard academic, some years ago, in a different permutation and combination, coined a phrase, “different uncertainties at different horizons”. The phrase has now become poignantly and intensely relevant for Kashmir and its politics, at a range of levels and spectrums. From a “mainstream” perspective and angle, evidence for this can be adduced and gleaned from the sudden divorce of the PDP BJP coalition held, obiter dictum, by most as an “unnatural alliance”. In terms of the conflict, it appears to have now become so larger than life and so overwhelming and predominant, that it has assumed a dynamic of its own and it is the grid that determines all politics towards and in Kashmir. Added up, all this has created and added layers of uncertainty to Kashmir. Uncertainty, as is obvious, is a fundamental facet of life or even the human condition. But, a degree of coherence and certitude, to the extent possible, is made real in “normal” and conflict free societies through the mediation of politics and perhaps even economics. However, in Kashmir, the “equation” gets inverted and turned upside down by politics. This, perhaps, is the ultimate paradox of Kashmir. The alarming dimension is that , unless and until, prudence and sagacity become the central operating dynamic towards Kashmir, this uncertainty can only deepen, a scenario which cannot be salubrious for any one, especially the people of the region. There then needs to be a measure of sobriety and proportion to Kashmir, in an idiom that redounds to the benefit of all, including the hapless people of Kashmir. By way of a digression, and at the risk of a repetition, uncertainty defines all aspects of life everywhere which, in turn, begets “unknowns”. The quantum and degree of these “unknowns” vary in different contexts. But, in Kashmir, these have become predominant to the peril of not only its people but also the region. Prudence then warrants that these “unknowns” be given a shove through the intermediation of politics of a nature whose nature not only smells of roses, but is non zero sum and leads to the efflorescence of a conflict free condition. This might sound far fetched at this point in time, given the context and conditions that define Kashmir contemporarily, but there does not appear to be a way out of the deadly conflictual impasse. Otherwise, “different uncertainties at different horizons” will continue apace.

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