Bad condition of Seer-Hapitnad road risking lives

Bad condition of Seer-Hapitnad road risking lives
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SRINAGAR: In a terrible state, the Seer-Hapitnad road in Anantnag district is creating problems for the commuters, and the numerous potholes on the narrow road pose a threat to their lives, especially in the evening hours.
The residents of Manigam, Panzmulla, Brad and Hapatnad say they are facing lot of problems because of the road condition despite assurances by the concerned authorities and the local legislator.
They said the link road was in terrible condition and creates problems for the children, pregnant women and elders during rainy session. There are potholes at so many places, which also hamper the traffic movement on the busy road.
The residents said the potholes have lead to many accidents on the narrow road, and alleged that the officials do not pay heed to the problem despite hue and cry.
We have knocked their doors several times but all in vain as nothing has been done on the ground to repair the road, residents said.
“This road is in a dilapidated condition and should be repaired on a priority basis as lives are very precious. Nothing has been done in the past ten years, now it is time to repair this road at a rapid pace to save human lives,” Aijaz Qazi, a local resident said.
Javid Ahmad , another local resident said, “This road need be repair as soon as to avoid untoward incident as many accidents have taken place on this road from last few months due to the poor condition of the road.”
Bilal Ahmad, another local resident told that “There are various places where roads have been repaired and built but unfortunately this road has been ignored despite many promises and assurances by the concerned department”.