Local and Global Uncertainties

Local and Global Uncertainties
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The entire world, ranging from Kashmir, to the United States, to Europe and the Middle East is in the grips of profound uncertainty. This has economic, political, societal and other related implications and consequences. Globally , it is not clear what shape and form will politics and economics take with the Trump administration picking up fights(trade and political) and attempting to tear apart the rules based world order and the attendant regimes in place. Similarly, it is not entirely clear what direction Europe or the European Union will take, given the entity is also in the grips of populism and forces thereof. The Middle East too does not give reasons for hope and sanguinity. Closer hope, and especially, in terms of Kashmir, conditions appear to lend themselves, to gloom and despair with the conflict assuming a form and shape that has become larger than life. Amidst and against this general and generalized condition of uncertain complexities, is there some hope looming on the horizon for the world to regain balance and equipoise? There are no certain answers to this. But, what can be said with a degree of assurance and certitude is that the world has become rather unhinged and, at least, in the short term, there might be no respite from the ills that plague the entire globe. However, normatively speaking, can the insalubrious mélange of local and global conditions  take a positive turn? Again, the answer can only be tentative. If, at all, there is respite to be found in the uncertain complexities that define the world, it might lie in clean and honorable politics, whose nature and tour de force must go beyond the constraints and narrow structures of the nation state. States and nations must disavow parochial nationalisms and the very narrowly defined “interests of the state”. The working premise of these units and abstract but narrow ideologies must be a combination of global public good and the overall, comprehensive welfare of the people residing in various and respective nation states. The outlook of states and the peoples constituting these must be expansive and forward looking; not regressing and backward looking. But, alas, these formulations and suggestions constitute what are called “ ideal types”. That is, these conform to an ideal state and might flounder on the rocks of hard, cold and prosaic reality. However, this does not and should not mean that mankind ceases its attempts to fashion a better world at peace with itself. For, it would constitute a sheer travesty if the world regressed further for want of trying.

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