Slaves cannot implement Shariah, Geelani takes on black flags

Slaves cannot implement Shariah, Geelani takes on black flags
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Srinagar: Minutes after resistance leader Syed Ali Geelani was barred from offering Eid prayers on Saturday, the octogenarian leader released a video message on social media, warning people of the “dirty tricks employed to weaken the movement”.
Asking youth to tread the “right path’ the 89-year-old Hurriyat Conference (G) chairperson, in an apparent reference to waving of black flags and sloganeering in favour of Islamic State by some youth, said that these youth need to be told “with all wisdom” that “this sloganeering” was not right.
“Our struggle is for Azaadi Barai Islam (Freedom for the establishment of the system based on Islam) and the youth should know that Kashmiris do not accept any other sloganeering which aims to hurt their interests,” he explained.
Geelani, who remains under near-perpetual house-detention since 2010 said, “How can the slaves of a nation-state implement Shariat?”
There is no need for such slogans at this point of time, he added.
Stating that Kashmiri youth need to understand that “it is their responsibility that they have to lead the nation and for that, they need to tread the right path”.
“But we see some youth raise slogans which are not in adherence to our past traditions.” “People should not follow such sloganeering,” he asserted, “but we should neither fight with such youth either.”
Stating that establishment of Islamic rule of law was not possible under “occupation”, Geelani said, “We have been demanding a ban on alcohol in Kashmir but the authorities are not ready to do that. It is a small thing. Now, when this does not happen, how can we establish Islamic rule of law under such circumstances when we are mere slaves.” Reiterating that the youths who raise such slogans and flags are “doing harm”, he said, the wiser section of the society needs to counsel such “misleading” youth rather than picking up fights with them.
He cautioned that there are many “agencies” working in Kashmir that people even don’t have any idea of.
“Such misleading actions are managed by such unknown agencies.”
He further warned that if such things continue, it may lead to civil war and will harm “our fight for freedom”.
“I want to tell my people: don’t be saddened. Whatever be the situation, the amount of oppression and brutality; be it continuous detention of myself and Masarat Alam Bhat since 2010… don’t lose hope!” Emphasising the commitment of people, Geelani said: “What is required of us is commitment and steadfastness,” he said. “We need to strengthen our ranks instead of dividing people on sectarian lines.”

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  1. Kuzey guney   June 20, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    What about Pakistan which is an independent country and has British constitution. Or Saudi Arabia the land of Prophet PBUH they have monarchy which is against Islam. Geelani thinks that he is speaking to idiots. As a matter of fact Messenger of Allah has said that after hi demise when 34 years will pass away my umaah will again follow the ways of Persia and Greece in the sphere of politics. Islam as a constitution will only come when Jesus PBHU returns and Imam Mehdi appears. He should go to Pakistan and resolve their issues of seat sharing disputes of so called islamists.