PDP-BJP alliance was a ‘Himalayan blunder’, suffering of Kashmiri people will now end: Azad

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Srinagar: Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad on Tuesday said there was no question of the Congress party allying with the PDP to form government in the state saying the “question does not arise”.

“I had told the Prime Minister on the floor of the House that they were committing a Himalayan blunder by forming government in alliance with a regional party PDP. Today I have been proved right,” Azad added.

The BJP Tuesday afternoon announced that it was pulling out of the alliance with PDP saying “terrorism, violence and radicalisation had risen and fundamental rights of the citizens were under danger in the Valley.” (Agencies)


2 Responses to "PDP-BJP alliance was a ‘Himalayan blunder’, suffering of Kashmiri people will now end: Azad"

  1. B K Nandi   June 19, 2018 at 10:36 pm

    IS or Muslims militants proved that they can kill humanity like dogs and pigs. Ramadan or EID has no value to these pigs. Many decades have gone in waste in dialogue without any result. There are dozen of Islamic countries which have become burial ground permanently because of these Islamic draconian militants. India must destroy them mercilessly to save people of Kashmir. The dynasty congress divisive, corrupt and partisan rule pushed Kashmir to this state. Never this family party wanted Kashmir united with India and wanted people of Kashmir to live in Peace and prosperity.

  2. Dharam Bahl   June 19, 2018 at 10:36 pm

    The situation in Kashmir is a prolonged political headache. It cann’t be rooted out with dialogues because to conduct fruitful dialogues one needs two sincere and honest parties or sincere broker bringing those two parties involved together. That scenario does not exist. What you have is only one sincere and honest party- BJP- at the center which wants to bring everlasting peace in the region. BJP wants to bring economic development which will create jobs for the locals and keep them busy. Instead of destroying public and private properties, they will be busy with the livelihood. However, BJP is facing a constitutional stumbling block which is an Article 370 in the constitution. This article prohibits investment inflow in the region from other parts of the country. Changing governments or bringing Central or Governor’s rule in Kashmir is not the solution. The only solution to solve this riddle is uplifting the economic condition of the region. The pressure is on the central government to find ways as to how get rid of an Article 370 from the Constitution. If there is a serious and sincere desire on the part of politicians to achieve this objective, they have to set aside all the politics and personal grudges and delete an Article 370. Everything else will follow.