Education is an Imperative. But, it Must be for both this World and the Hereafter

Education is an Imperative. But, it Must be for both this World and the Hereafter
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By Ajaz Ahmad Ganie

The only problem with the education of positive sciences is its rhetoric which totally ignores “tawhid,” existence and oneness of Allah(SWT). For the non-Muslims, this is not a big deal. They work hard and they get tremendous worldly benefits. However, for the Muslims, this spells big trouble. Even if we get the same worldly benefits, if it costs our eternal happiness, we are in great loss.
Therefore, education has to focus on the oneness of God and faith; because these are the main pillars of Islam. The day these pillars are shaken is the end of the Muslim society. We should aim at upbringing students personifying the profound spirit, vision and skills true and able Muslims must have to be “Generation Next” leaders and simultaneously be the torch bearers guiding the present world from darkness to light. They should be taught moral values and various skills to face the dynamic challenges and opportunities of life with care, confidence and self-discipline.
If there is a separation between religious and positive sciences, bigotry arises from the first and disbelief from the second. Efforts of Muslim students grow with their combination. We cannot develop by giving up religion.
Parents should raise their children by providing them an academic education in positive sciences and teaching them religion, moral values and virtues. We must love our children despite everything and raise them for both this world and the Hereafter. If a person raises a dutiful child, his or her book of sins will be closed, but his or her book of good deeds will be open when he or she dies as he will have a share in his child’s good deeds.
In a nutshell, both this world and the Hereafter can be good for Muslims when we give them education for both the worlds.

—The author is chairman of the Islamic Revival International School , Kangan. He can be reached at: