On Eid ul Fitr, We must Introspect and Imbibe the Spirit of Ramadan

On Eid ul Fitr, We must Introspect and Imbibe the Spirit of Ramadan
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The literal meaning of Eid ul Fitr is the ‘festival of breaking the fast’. Like other festivals, Eid-ul-Fitr is a symbol of belief and faith. According to Islam, human life is divided into two parts: the before-death and after-death period. One who follows the divine commandments of Allah in his life before his death will be rewarded in the in the world after his death. In the whole month of Ramadan, Muslims keep fast and follow the commandments of Allah in letter and spirit. The blessed month revolutionizes the lives of Muslims in a Islamic way. After fasting in the month of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr denotes the reward that will be given by Allah in the hereafter in return for our good deeds and praise to Allah.
Fasting in the month of Ramzan is not simply giving up food but it symbolizes abstention from all kind of practices that are forbidden in Islam. Abstaining ourselves from taking food and water in the daytime during Ramzan reminds Muslims that they have to live their lives according to the commandments of Allah. In Ramadan, the way of lives gets changed in many ways. The people become serious about the commandments of Allah and follow them up accordingly. The people become more concerned about their duties towards Allah and less concerned about their duties towards people. Shrines and Mosques are filled with devotees praising Allah in one way or the other way. Rush to religious places increases in such a way that one finds it difficult to get places inside the mosques when it comes to offer prayers.
Muslims have to remind themselves that, in the present world, they have to adopt a life of abstinence in other months of the year. This is the true spirit and message of Ramadan. As Ramadan comes, our lives get changed and our hearts turn towards Allah and our only concern becomes praise to Allah but how good it would had been if people would remain in the same spirit of Ramadan after Eid. After the month long struggle with our Nafs, festival of Eid-ul-Fitr comes on the next day. This day reminds us the fact that one who leads his life with accordance to Ramadan in this world will be rewarded with a life of happiness in eternal Paradise. On this day, Muslims break their fasts in daytime after continuous 30 day fast in the month of Ramadan. This day has a significant importance in the lives of Muslims as they wait eagerly for this day after beating their hunger till that day.
Muslims go out of their homes and offer a congregational prayer called “Eid Nimaaz” which is full of blessings and rewards from Allah towards those who kept a fast by following his commandments. After the completion of Eid Nimaz, the people hug each other in order to symbolise the sense of brotherhood and unity. This is the true essence of Eid prayers: people in huge number offer prayers together and at the end exchange smiles and hugs each other. The people meet their neighbours and exchange Eid wishes with other people. Relatives visit each other to exchange wishes and eat and drink together. Eid is no doubt a Muslim festival, but Muslims, like other communities, live in a society, in a neighbourhood. This makes Eid a social festival.
Eid needs to be observed in its true spirit. It will energise the whole community and bring people together in harmony and gratitude. We should not let go vibes of Ramadan from our bodies ; We should not let go changes of Ramadan in our lives; We should not let go Allah- first priority in our lives, We should not let go Prayer- first priority from our lives, we should not let go humanity first priority from our lives and we should not let go Giving- away priority in our lives. We should remain in the true spirit of Ramadan hereafter. The worker will be paid his wages, once he has finished his work, and we have now finished the work [required of us in the month of Ramadan].
O’ Ramadan, I am weeping over my unfortunate self,
Moaning, wailing and uttering plaintive cries of lamentation!!
Alvida Alvida, Mah e Ramazan Alvida!!

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