Eid rush brings sparkle to Mehandi stalls

Eid rush brings sparkle to Mehandi stalls
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Srinagar: As Ramdhan draws to an end and Eid festivities gear up, the markets are brimming with the traditional Henna.
Although city centre traders are complaining that the market has not picked up as per expectations, but on the streets, there is a huge rush of women folk waiting their turn or Mehandi, from pavement stalls to prominent Mehandi shops. The trend of applying Henna increases during Eid celebrations, and Mehandi experts set up their stalls days before Eid to attract customers.
“From last one hour, I am waiting for my turn,” said an enthusiastic customer, Amreen. “Yesterday I was very busy and did not get time to apply Mehandi on my hands and feet. I was very upset because I apply Mehandi in every Eid, but today I get chance to apply Henna.”
While asked about why she is applying Henna on the eve of Eid, she replied, “What is Eid without Mehandi?”
Women love to apply beautiful Henna designs on their hands and feet, especially on the eve of Eid. “We usually celebrate Eid with lavish dishes and buy new clothes to celebrate and enjoy the joyous occasion. Applying henna is also a big part of this,” said another young girl, Mehvish
From Jamia Market to Goni Khan Market, Mehandi stalls are set up and beauty salons to provide a variety of creative motifs.
“In a day, we receive nearly about 200 customers, which include children, young ladies and girls. We have earned sufficient profit till now,” said Gulabo, a Mehnadi designer in Nowhatta.
Gulabo, who is accompanied by two more Mehandi designers, said, “We charge as per design, during Eid days we have lots of rush of female folk, we start our work in the morning and till Iftaar we have customers here.”
There are more than a dozen Henna designers from outside Kashmir working in Jamia Masjid and Goni Khan including Reena and her four neighbours, who have been working in the Valley for the past four years. “We have no difficulty as we do more than 50 customers on a normal day. For the last two days, we have received more than 50 customers, we have a good demand throughout the season, especially in marriage season and on the eve of Eid.”
“On the eve of Eid, we normally charge Rs 100 per hand. I also go to marriage ceremonies (Mehendi Raat) to design for brides, where I charge between Rs 1,500 and 3,000,” she added.