Threat to the independence of journalism

Threat to the independence of journalism
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The killing of a journalist is tantamount to leaving a society voiceless. Journalists are meant to be the voices of the voiceless, the intimidated and the vulnerable. Our colleague, Shujaat Bukhari, a veteran journalist, who served in the field of journalism as a correspondent for The Hindu and later launched his own newspaper, the Rising Kashmir, was killed in a cold blood outside his office in the heart of Srinagar city just a day before Eid ul Fitr.
Shujaat’s death is seen as attack on media fraternity and every journalist in the valley is in shock. Why can’t they be? Many questions hover over the skies of Kashmir as to why has a journalist been killed , especially when , journalists as a fraternity don’t belong to any combatant group.
What made them, assailants, kill a person who would reflect the happening on the ground and would use attributions to substantiate his opinion as and when he had any. Shujaat would write regular columns and wouldn’t hide his opinion unlike people in other fields as there is no scope for invincible methods in journalism. One has to understand that journalism can’t afford hypocrisy as everything produced is in the public domain.
This profession entails boldness and the courage to call spade a spade in the same manner that Shujaat would write or speak while writing, attending or organizing conferences. However, the fact remains that the killing of a journalist can never stop media houses from producing objective reportages. The deceased will be always remembered as a courageous journalist who was a founder of peace journalism and always tried to bring journalists under one banner. Shujaat always discouraged divisive methods within the fraternity. He believed in participation and facilitation and would always engage with people he thought would disagree with his opinion on any issue. The deceased will remain in the hearts of journalists forever and will be remembered as one of the most courageous journalists. Kashmir Reader expresses deep sympathies condolences with Shujaat’s family and condemns the killing.