How NOT to Celebrate Eid ul Fitr?

How NOT to Celebrate Eid ul Fitr?
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The Holy month of Ramadan is coming to a close. With Eid ul Fitrs just around the corner, people are just too busy in preparing for the big day, a day of festivity and joy for all Muslims around the world. Ramadan is often considered as the crash course for learning a virtuous and religious life as per the decrees of Allah and his Rasool(SAW). Whatever good habits and deeds we absorb in the holy month of Ramadan should get reflected in rest of the year but it’s unfortunate we forget the message of it even before its end. Days before Eid, extravagant shopping has become the order of the day; our retail shops, dressing showrooms and especially bakery shops are inviting long queues with people coming and going nonstop to buy bakery and other items as if they have to eat it for one month.
Such is the craze for these bakery items that countryside people visit Srinagar for it and elite people living in posh colonies in and around city import it from metropolitan cities like Delhi. Food item shops like meat, beef, wazwan have no different story; people throng to them with rush and buy so much of it as if they have been hungry for it from last one month and want to gallop it unfried to burn their appetite.
The biggest irony is that dogs enjoy better feast than humans from all the extravagance that we spend on food items as maximum portion is wasted and hence becomes stock of dustbins, which encourages the population of dogs. On the eve of Eid, one irony and suspense that surrounds the atmosphere is doing any sort of productive work like reading books, helping parents in manual work in the fields is considered as haram while as indulging in wrong and illicit practices like playing cards, betting cricket matches and roaming aimlessly is endorsed ; even people say goodbye to prayers on Eid as they consider the Eid as freedom where they have license to do any sort of activity be it detrimental and damaging to others.
Eid is the day when our roads are full of greenhorns and idiots; youth come on roads on their two wheelers and cars with rage as if they have the license to kill and get killed. This is the reason every year we lose precious lives o road accidents on the eve of Eid as speed is what excites present-day youths( they get thrilled with speed and ultimately killed).
Eid is the day when roadside Romeos hijack every street, road and shop front; they don’t leave any girl passing by them without passing an obnoxious comment thus tearing her modesty with their immorality and our mothers and sisters are not allowed to breathe the fresh air even on Eid and hence get trapped inside in their home. The story of our youth is no different they leave the home on pretext of visiting friends or any logical excuses and end up visiting public parks which have become hub of immorality in the name of enjoyment. Cracking firecrackers on eve of Eid has become another menace from past few years; these firecrackers not only explode with loud bang with sound much higher than normal decibel sound but cracking of these crackers leads to serious environmental and health problems.
Time has come now we have to restore the prestige of this Resh Vaer and Pear Vaer. We have to take the leaf out of ancestor’s book and let Eid be the day of sharing, caring, love joy and happiness with those who need it. Let there be no extravagance; the amount we spent lavishly should have been generously spent on those who can’t afford to buy one-time meal even on Eid. Let’s be generous not only in giving hefty amount of Eidee to our nears and dears but also to those who have lost their nears and dears in the two decades of conflict. Let Eid be the day of helping poor and needy people and indulging in productive and moral practices instead of indulging in illicit activities.

—The author is a teacher of Chemistry at GDC , Boys, Baramulla. He can be reached at: