Parents fume over private schools for announcing exams after Eid

Parents fume over private schools for announcing exams after Eid
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Director education says instructions passed for rescheduling exams

SRINAGAR: Students of several private schools and their parents have expressed anguish over the decision of conducting first term examinations two days after Eid-ul-Fitr. This has triggered many parents to request the Education department to reschedule the exams so that their wards are able to celebrate the Muslim festival.
Leading schools in Srinagar have issued date sheets asking students to sit in exams from Monday resulting many to question the motive, and approach schools to cancel the exams so that their children get ample time for preparations.
“The decision of schools to conduct exams soon after culmination of Eid has stressed students as well as parents. Festivals are occasions when children breathe new life because of excitement. Especially in Kashmir children lack spaces to enjoy their childhood due to the prevailing situation,” said a parent Dr Reyaz Ahmad. In such a situation, Eid is an occasion for social milieu yet schools want to spoil it for children, he added.
A student talking to Kashmir Reader said that he fails to understand as to why the school authorities have taken such a decision while the examinations could have been conducted in Ramazan easily or for that matter a couple of weeks after the Eid.
A parents body of a private school said that such “ridiculous” decisions of the schools takes a toll on the mental health of their wards.
“Our kids have been repeatedly questioning us that if their Eid celebrations will be cut short,” they said. “It is obvious,” the parent’s body said, that the decision will ruin their Eid celebrations. The parents said that while there is just a one day off on Eid, the school “diktat” has ruined the students of that one day, too.
Director GN Itoo told Kashmir Reader that he has “passed instructions to schools to reschedule exams” in view of Eid.