After US-N Korea summit, DFP asks India-Pak to follow suit

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SRINAGAR: Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) on Wednesday asked India and Pakistan to follow the Singapore summit between the US and North Korea and resume talks to ensure peaceful region and resolution of all issues.
The party in a statement said that the Singapore summit should set precedence for both the bickering neighbours to follow.
“If the United States and North Korea can return from the brink of a nuclear flashpoint, there is no reason why India and Pakistan cannot do the same,” DFP secretary general Mohammad Abdullah Tari said.
He said that India-Pakistan talks have assumed importance because Kashmir dispute is very badly affecting their relations, so both New Delhi and Islamabad should begin dialogue on Kashmir as soon as possible and include its true representatives into the process at a proper time.
“Dialogue between Indian and Pakistan over Kashmir should resume at earliest so that the long-festering Kashmir dispute is resolved in accordance with the wishes of the people,” Tari said.
“The US and North Korea talks should be a model for India and Pakistan. If they can return from their previous hostile positions of attacking each other, India and Pakistan can also resume composite dialogue,” Tari said.
Tari said that building confidence among the people of the region is possible only when New Delhi and Islamabad will come closer and pledge to work for the betterment of the people.
“As for as the confidence building of the people of Jammu Kashmir is concerned, it can be done through a number of measures and it can be started by releasing all political prisoners,” he said.