Stuck in Broad Generalities

Stuck in Broad Generalities
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That Jammu and Kashmir and its people needs peace and that the conflict in and over Kashmir needs to be resolved for good is an established fact. There can be no ifs and buts to this general assertion. Having said this, the formulation and peace and the need for it thereof can only remain in the domain of an abstract generalization unless and until accompanied by specifics, especially, in terms of the end goal or of peace within and without. The allusion or even reference here is to Mehbooba Mufti’s pitch to the Hurriyat to respond to Rajnath Singh’s dialogue offer. (The Hurriyat, it may be stated, has said it will take its time to think and mull over the offer). Again, writing in terms of generalities, it would appear that, the dialogue offer made by Rajnath, in the absence of countervailing evidence, has merely been made through the media and then reinforced by Mehbooba Mufti in and through her public utterances. The broadly general nature of the offer overlaid by its logistical generalities appear to suggest that no real groundwork has been vigorously done about it. Even though there is no real parallel to the talks on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula between Trump and Kim Jong Un, but the fact of the matter, in terms of conflict resolution is that the climax of the talks, has been arrived after painstaking ground work, away from the glare of the media, by all stakeholders. But, in term of the Rajnath dialogue offer, everything appears to be relayed through the media (again to qualify the statement, in the absence of countervailing evidence). All this is not to underplay the nature of dialogue or its process, generally speaking. In the final and ultimate analysis, it is only through dialogic negotiations between all stakeholders that the conflict in and over Kashmir will be resolved. But, for that to happen, the dialogue must be holistic and also paradigm shattering in the sense of making a robust departure from hackneyed attempts. The sine qua non for this has to be a clear and well defined end goal or, call it, if you may, end game. This is insofar conceptual clarity over the dialogue is concerned; important as it is in its own right, but so are the structural and logistical features and aspects of it, which till now seem to be either elided over or stuck in broad generalities.

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