Devotees rue lack of facilities at Charar I Sharief Shrine on Shab- i- Qader

Devotees rue lack of facilities at Charar I Sharief Shrine on Shab- i- Qader
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Junaid Dar

Charar-i-sharief: Thousands of devotees who thronged Charar I Sharief on the eve of Shab-i-Qader complained about lack of basic facilities for them.
Number of devotees who thronged the Shrine of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani Ra Charar I Sharief faced inconvenience at the hands of police and Waqf administration and said that “from traffic to prayer mates nothing was organised”.
People who visited the place complained that in absence of traffic police people faced an acute traffic Jam,” said Mohammad Yousuf from Baramulla.
Talking to Kashmir Reader SDPO Charar-i-sharief Ali Mohammad Dar said that had already informed Traffic department to send some policemen to regulate traffic on the occasion of Shab-i-Qader for which they assured us.
“But they didn’t send their team,” he said.
Devotees accused Wakf Board for its insufficiency to provide facilities to the devotees and said it is irony to see Mosque still under construction even after the 23years of fire incident.
“In absence of proper arrangement of carpets in the Grand mosque we were forced to offer prayers on Plastic Mates which was very uncomfortable for prayers” Mushtaq Ahmad a devotee from Pinjoora shopain said. “Some latrine points were also locked”.
Locals allege Waqf board and (Care Takers) of not maintaining the shrine well “This Shrine generates crores of rupees revenue annually. That money is spent by the Waqf Board for other projects”, Gh Mohammad a local told Kashmir Reader.
“Every government comes and inspect the construction work with promise to complete it but nothing happens on ground” he added.
A group of visitors Kashmir Reader talked to said that waqf board need to provide facilities to the devotees who come from far off places to pay obeisance at shrine.
“Temporary washrooms made around 15 years ago were also not usable,” they said.
Coordinator and In charge of the shrine, Mohammad Iqbal, admitted lack of facilities at the shrine and said he has raised the issue with many officials in the board.
“We were not prepared for such a huge rush of devotees this year, we tried our best to accommodate every devotee but the unexpected number of devotees made it a tough job for us to meet demands.”
When asked about the locked latrine points, Iqbal said that these points were only made open for the people doing “Aitiqaaf” keeping in view their number.
“This year there are twenty five people from various places who are performing Aitiqaaf in the grand Mosque, so for their convenience only they have access to these latrines” he said.