On the JKSSB’s Cut off Mania Among Aspirants

On the JKSSB’s Cut off Mania Among Aspirants
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By Javeid Hasan Malik

Gossip about the expected JKSSB cut off points for teacher examination is getting louder with each passing day; from the hairdresser’s shop to public buses the talk is going on and on thereby giving sleepless nights to unemployed aspirants who are desperate to figure in final list. Every Ram, Sham and Ganshyam is doing his analysis about these cut-offs by different permutations and combination methods on different social media platforms. Among social media platforms Facebook and YouTube are topping the list. Many people, who are running YouTube channels, are taking advantage of this cut-offs mania to get as much views as they wish so as to earn money; thus they go on uploading these pre-results cut off videos around-the-clock and guess what every video gets thousands of views within no time from uploading.

Such is the obsession about these cut off points that my close friend is doing a virtual survey on his phone to know about expected cut-off points. He goes on calling people from every nook and cranny from dawn to dusk to know about the marks secured by them and then, at bed time, he starts his analysis and if I am not wrong he has not left a single area from his district from his survey.


Now question that arises is: why are people so anxious and desperate to know about these cut-off marks? The answer is very simple: the growing market of unemployment and very less job opportunities. So everyone wants to catch the opportunity whatever comes in his or her way. Also, a major chunk of aspirants are almost nearing overage so they feel it’s last chance for them to get what they have been dreaming about after doing all degree’s from Masters to Bed , Med , M.Phil.

Now I don’t want to do more analysis on this matter as common saying is more you scratch the itch more it bleeds but I want to discuss a few points which many ignore while discussing cut offs. First thing is among the majority of aspirants who apply for any competitive exam, its only the little minority which studies seriously for it, so competition is between them only; the rest appear just for the sake of trying or compulsion reasons. Second thing , when we are just done with the MCQ exam , our first reaction after finishing the test is whatever question we have attempted is right and when we come out of exam centre and start discussing paper with friends it turns out many questions are wrong which we were counting as right then when we reach home and open books to cross check answers few more gets subtracted and then when official answer key is uploaded few more questions subtracted from our attempted questions which we felt were right; thus our reactions changes from eureka after finishing the exam to s*** after checking the official answer key.

This is story of the majority of aspirants including myself who has been experiencing it from last four years. So never go with cut-offs which people say after finishing exam; do an analysis only after answer key is available. The third thing is that we ignore the individual differences among aspirants. Not everyone in a class can score ten out of ten. The same is the case with JKSSB exams. The majority of candidates are sailing in the same boat; its only small lot who perform better in these exams and when we discuss cut-offs we cherry pick only those candidates who have scored better in exams and then we take these as standards and start discussing points of other candidates with respect to them but this is not good practice.
There is always a big margin between the person who finishes at the top and a person who finishes at the bottom of selection list and that margin we keep on ignoring and we go on discussing toppers. Those people who score well try to maintain an ivory tower approach around them and give such hype to high cut-offs as if everyone is like them but , in reality, that’s not the case at all.

Last but not the least, examination results are not always bound to expectations. Many a time you might have heard from your friend and observed yourself that the paper we do best in examination doesn’t get us good grades; instead the paper about we are not optimistic about getting good grades surprises by getting good grades. If we expect too much maybe tomorrow we don’t get what we were expecting then it pains too much so it’s better to maintain nothing to lose approach and leave this cut-offs saga out of the equation. Let us wait and watch!

The author teaches Chemistry at GDC Boys, Baramulla. He can be reached at: malikjavid86@gmail.com