The Night of Power!!

The Night of Power!!
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Muslims across the world, in and during the last phase of the holy month of Ramadan are praying in anticipation of the Laylat ul Qadr. Referred to as the Night of Power, the Holy book of Islam, the Quran, was revealed in and during the Laylat ul Qadr. Given that the focus of Islam is the Quran, God’s word as, it is, the Night of Power assumes great and high significance in the spiritual and religio emotional worlds of Muslims. All Muslims across the world, including in Kashmir, will reverentially pray and spiritually enrich themselves with intense devotion on and during the Laylat ul Qadr. This is a given and axiomatic. But, can we Muslims also go beyond on this Night of Power? Yes. We must. The collective condition of Muslims is not too great or good these days. From Palestine to Syria, to Iraq to Afghanistan to Somalia and so on, Muslims are at the receiving end and suffering badly. The very fact of the oppression unleashed and the general Muslim condition calls for an introspection on part of Muslims. The nature of this exercise must necessarily be of a kind that delves deep into our individual and collective selves, our societies and polities. However, key is that this exercise be not only sincere but also ruthless, in the sense of being exacting. It is only then that we might get and receive some answers into the nature of our condition. This is insofar as the prosaic dimensions of the review and introspection are concerned. We must also understand and dwell on the nature of our relationship with Islam, the Almighty and the Holy Quran. (This clearly is a spiritual dimension). The questions we must ask are: are we doing what Islam enjoins us to do? Are we right and proper in our worldly affairs, that is, muaamilaat, in accordance with Islam? Do our lives, inner and outer, correspond to and gel with the spirit of Islam? Do we take care and pay attention to the poor and the vulnerable in our respective communities, as Islam enjoins us to? There are questions galore that can be asked but key to all would be in sincerity of purpose and our fidelity to Islam. There can be no better night to do all this other than the glorious Night of power, Laylat ul Qadr.

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