GCF organises ‘Natiya Mushaira’

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SRINAGAR: Gulshan Cultural Forum (GCF) Kashmir organised Natiya Mushaira at Samnbal Badran which was attended by different poets from across the Kashmir.
According to a statement, the audience got spell bound by the poetic recitations; besides there were speeches delivered on different topics related to Hazrat Ali (as). The students from different schools of the area and a large number of locals also participated in the function.
President of the forum Syed Bashir Kousar in his presidential address emphasized the need of such events. General Secretary of the forum Gulshan Badrani in his welcome address detailed the activities of the organisation.
Among the poets who participated were Rahim Rehbar, Ab. Ahad Dilbar, Hilal Kashmiri, Latief Niyazi, Dr Javaid Anwar, Khurshid Khamosh, Abdul Majid Kaniloo, Mohammad Akbar Kalan, Mohammad Akbar Majroo, Maqbool Shaida, Ab. Ahad Shahbaz, Gulshan Badrani, Syed Bashir Kousar, Showkat Shahbaz, Abdul Aziz Betab, Mumtaz Gufbaly and Shabnam Nabi.
Mushtaq Masoodi, Aabid Nabi, Aadil Ibni Shahbaz, Majid Chatbugi, Sayima Khazir, Masroor Hameed, Bariq Khurshid, and Gowhar Yousuf performed at the event.