Rajnath’s Visit: Same Old Story & Rhetoric

Rajnath’s Visit: Same Old Story & Rhetoric
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Fida Hussain Sodagar

Politicians have a unique ability to play with words. They make and break promise and repeat the same words tirelessly with different interpretations. Rajnath Singh, India’s Home Minister is on a two day visit to J&K to review the security situation in the wake of Ramadhan truce announced by the Central Government. Last time, on his visit to Kashmir, he had projected an instant solution to Kashmir problem in the form of 5 C’s. These included compassion, communication, coexistence, confidence building and consistency. However, the C’s remained as a bunch of words to be repeated again. The 5 C’s converged into a single C, a “crippled rhetoric”.
This time the same old broken will be repeated. The words that sounds good to the ears. Dialogue process, Stakeholders, Peace, Prosperity, Development, Healing touch, our own youth and much more will be promised. A dream of peaceful Kashmir will be injected in the minds and hearts of the Kashmiri people. A load of empathy, sympathy and the praises will be showered on Kashmir and the Kashmiri’s. The hopes of resolution of Kashmir conflict will be forced to touch the skies. Even the dispute will be resolved on spot. Not practically, but with decorative words (Words, which will be beautiful outside but empty inside). The promises will hit the headlines of the Indian media houses projecting the serious commitment of New Delhi for peaceful Kashmir.
This will be a short lived story. There will a long pause on the peaceful promise till the next visit. After that the brutal side will be unfolded again. The showers of praises will turn into the showers of bullets and pellets. The empathy and sympathy will transform into the brutality. All the promises will be shattered. The hopes for peaceful Kashmir will be dashed. The youth will be crushed under the mighty vehicles. The pellets will continue to blind and bruise the Kashmir. A couplet from Faiz Ahmad Faiz sums up the tragedy:
Woh aa rahe hain who aate hain aa rahe honge
Shabe-e-firaaq ye keh kar guzaar di dumne
He is coming, he comes, he will be coming
In this hope, I spent my whole night
The visit of Home Minister will , in all likelihood, be same old rhetoric unless the promises will not be given a pragmatic shape. The Visits will continue, but what matters is the serious commitment to make the valley a “Paradise on Earth”.

—The Author is a P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on various issues. He can be reached at: f.hussain01234@gmail.com