KU official alerts Home Minister about ‘security breach’

KU official alerts Home Minister about ‘security breach’
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Wants authorities to revoke her Pakistani wife’s visa

Srinagar: A Kashmir University employee has taken to Twitter to alert the Home Minster Rajnath Singh about a “possible security breach”.
Abdhullah Danish Shervani who work as a liaison officer at Kashmir University tweeted to Singh, and minister for external affairs Sushma Swaraj, “Ma’am, requested your help and guidance to major breach in MHA related to MEA. I am not bluffing. I am a responsible citizen with a genuine concern. Please guide me how I can reach out to you and Rajnath Singh ji”.
In his next tweet he tweeted “respectfully, matter of grave concern regarding lapse in your ministry of the level of breach of national security to share with you sir. If you don’t have time or interest, I could share it with Omar Abdullah, Rahul Gandhi, republic, Zee News Prannoy Roy NDTV, they could help then.”
Danish later told Kashmir Reader that the “national security breach” was related to martial dispute with his wife, whom he married to in Pakistan in 2009.
“My ex-wife got visa despite my denial. I want to bring to the notice that as a sponsor of a person in India is denying and writing a letter to the ministry that don’t give her visa, then in September 2017 I write to the government that I have divorced her after that in November how does a government give visa in my name and if this is not a breach of national security then tell me what is it,” he said.
“Authorities have said they could not stop issuing visa unless and until matter would be resolved. Her act I feel is against the national interest. She is a Pakistani national and she is in touch with separatists. I am a government employee and I can be suspended for this,” he added.
Danish is a relative of Maqbool Sherwani who was killed by Pakistani tribals in 1947, after he misled them on their way to Srinagar. He has also with Zakir Naik’s IRF in Mumbai for a brief time.
Kashmir Women Collective, a women’s group, meanwhile , slammed Danish with a poston their Facebook page accusing him of gruesome domestic abuse. Danish’s wife Mahnaz Siddiqui also shared the post.
“She chose to reveal his abusive self to the world, after he beat her up so much that her third child died in her womb. It was miscarried too living in intense abuse, physical and mental, but only after the birth of a fourth, physically handicapped child, who died after a month of struggle, did his wife chose to confront him and reveal his reality to the world. She has a beautiful boy and a girl and taking care of them to the best of her ability, being a single mother and alone in this place,” it said.
“Loser, wasn’t she a militant when you married her and made kids with her? The idea of sharing his bootlicking frivolous acts on twitter is to inform all the well meaning people to be aware of this sweet tongued, apparently religious looking man. Talk to him for an hour and he will succeed you in taking you to his side. He has started hobnobbing with men in power in Kashmir commenting on their photos and trying to be a part of their ventures. This is to inform you that this man is an abuser, liar, hypocrite and despite the matter being subjudice he is harassing his wife’s family in Pakistan, he is attacking her in person in Srinagar,” it added.