PHE Chief blames misuse of drinking water for water crises in Sgr

PHE Chief blames misuse of drinking water for water crises in Sgr
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Srinagar: A wear and tear glitch at a water pump and misuse of drinking water by people has led to the recent water shortage in the Srinagar city, PHE Kashmir authorities said.
Abdul Wahid Chief Engineer Public Health Engineering Department (PHE) told Kashmir Reader that some localities in Natipora area on the outskirts of the city faced shortage of water which was because of the wear and tear glitch at a water pump, and in areas where shortage was also felt was due to the misuse of drinking water by people
“We have enough water for the people. There is no shortage. At Natipora we have faced a glitch which we overcame. It was not because we had no water,” said Wahid. Earlier residents from many areas of downtown, and uptown areas complained about the shortage of drinking water. At many places, locals had additional water cuts during the day. The shortage had led people to bear the additional brunt due the ongoing heat wave and holy month of fasting.
“The department has a capacity to supply 100 liters per capita every day provided that only this amount of water is used. But we have observed that people have begun to use same drinking water for gardening, washing vehicles,” he said. “If people want there should be an equitable and sustainable supply of water to all the areas, then they should alter the habit of misuse of water. If they can guarantee me this, I guarantee them uninterrupted water,” he added.
Wahid said there is no impact of less rainfall and snowfall which the Valley witnessed this year on the supply of water to people. There is no water crisis in the city, everything is okay, he added.
A six member committee is already making a report on “re-establishing the pre-existing network of streams, wetlands lakes and river Jhelum” which will show how effective use of water bodies can be used for the effective supply of drinking water.
Wahid said the work on it is going on which will make a report for the future utilisation of water bodies for drinking purposes.