Militants come to Hajin mosque to ‘advise’ people

Militants come to Hajin mosque to ‘advise’ people
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HAJIN (bANDIPORA): Within 24 hours of attacking an army camp at Hajin, Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) militants made their second public appearance, this time at the local mosque, where they advised people to stay away from police and army camps.
At about 9:45pm Wednesday, militants appeared at the Bon Mohalla mosque in Hajin town when the Taraweeh prayers were being offered there. People present there told Kashmir Reader that the militants were wearing masks and made use of the mosque public address system to announce that people must refrain from visiting army and police camps and also avoid venturing around these camps.
Witnesses said that militants warned of consequences “if youth were seen visiting army and police camps.”
The militants’ public appearance comes within 24 hours of their appearance among a protesting crowd that had gathered near the army camp following the militant attack there.
Locals said that the warning of the militants is not to be taken lightly. They said that when militants had earlier issued warnings to informers, “they acted on what they said.”
A confessional video of one of the men slain in Hajin by “unidentified” men went viral a month ago, showing the man confessing to having informed upon militants to the army.
However, militants have been denying their hand in the killing of civilians in Hajin in their public addresses, which include video and audio messages too.
Despite all the scare of the civilian killings, support for militants hasn’t waned in Hajin. “It was witnessed on Tuesday when locals came out in large numbers and celebrated the attack on the army camp,” a local, wishing anonymity, said.
Some ten days ago, militants guarded the streets for hours together with youth in Hajin in search of the “unknown gunmen” who have been carrying out civilian killings in the town. That day, too, they addressed people and asked youth to remain alert and try to nab these men.