IUST organises special lecture on ‘Ilm-ul Ehsan’

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AWANTIPORA: International Centre for Spiritual Studies (ICSS), Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST), organised a special lecture on “Ilm-ul Ehsan” by Allamah Showkat Husain Keng, Former Professor, Hanfiyah Arabic College, for university faculty and students here on Thursday.
While deliberating on the word ‘Ehsaan’, Prof Keng said “Islam is not only a religion to worship but it is the complete code of life”. “The base of our religion is knowledge and it is deeply rooted in Quran,” an official handout read.
He talked about the ‘Ilm-ul-Ehsaan’—the identification of self and God—the levels of faith a person should have, belief on God and ikhlas (to think same for others). “Ehsaan is when you worship Allah you have to keep in mind He is watching you and after you know self, you accept it by your words and you believe on it, to identify God (murifat-e-ilahi),” he added.
“After knowing God, man should never be proud of himself. Shatan too was having enormous knowledge and he also worshipped a lot. But his pride made him lose everything and he became Satan. So, know yourself, worship only Allah and possess ikhlaas,” he said.
While quoting different religious scholars, he said Quran is the balance or governance that touches all aspects of human life. Another lesson of Ehsaan to learn is that your soul should overpower you not your desires. “See the system of your body, if one part gets ill or diseased whole body stops working,” he added.
He referred to several incidents from the life of walis like Baba Nasruddin RA, Shah Hamdan RA, Imam Gazali RA, Dr sir Mohammad Iqbal RA.
In his concluding remarks, Prof Mushtaq A Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor, IUST, said “without (spirituality) Deen is incomplete”. He also referred to the works of Imam Gazali RA especially his book ihaam-uloom-i-deen. “We have to strengthen our deeds and i pray to Allah to help us in becoming strong in deeds and follow Prophet Muhammad SAW in letter and spirit.”
Dr Iqbal Qureshi, Head, ICCS talked about the life and work of Allamah Showkat Husain Keng. He also talked about essence of spirituality in the life of man, the handout added.