ML condemns 4th PSA on Khan Sopori

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SRINAGAR: Muslim League on Wednesday condemned the invoking of 4th PSA against the “illegally” detained senior resistance leaders including ailing and elderly People’s League chairman Ghulam Mohammad Khan Sopori and Muslim Political League chairman Farooq Tawheedi, terming it “state terrorism”.
In a statement, ML spokesperson termed the detention as “political vendetta and sheer frustration” on part of authorities.
He said that prolonging the detention period and slapping 4th PSA on ailing leader Khan Sopori and Farooq Tawheedi and shifting them to outside state jail was a “highly barbaric act” and deserved all forms of condemnation.
The spokesperson said slapping PSAs on resistance leaders and activists have always been a tool of the rulers to try and force the people and leadership into submission. “Such moves had been tested in the past and failed to make the people of Kashmir surrender before the Delhi’s military might,” he said.
He said that “rhetoric” about freedom of speech and political rights stand deflated as the parroting about human norms proved hoax and just mere eyewash.